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Garlic or Herb bread $ 6.0
Pesto and parmesan bread $ 6.0





Veggie burger – hummus, roast capsicum,
zucchini, eggplant and grilled haloumi $15.0


Cajun Chicken breast , fresh rocket,

shaved parmesan, bacon, guacamole $15.5


Fillet Steak, caramelised onion,
tomato chutney, brie and salad $15.5


Veal and Pork, tomato relish, pickles, cheese
caramelised beetroot, onion & bacon $15.5



Beer Battered Flathead with chips $15.0





Penne Sicilian; basil, garlic, meatballs
ricotta, Napoli sauce $18.5


Fettuccine Prawns; king prawns,
onions, mushrooms, garlic, brandy
macchiato sauce $19.5


Fettuccine Carbonara; bacon,
mushrooms, egg cream sauce
(optional chicken) $18.5


Vegetable Lasagna (V) $16.0





Chips with Aioli $7.0

Wedges $7.0

Steamed Vegetables $7.0

Garden Salad $7.0

Greek Salad $7.0





Tandoori – Tomato base, cheese,
Spanish onion, roast capsicum,
yoghurt, poppadum $17.0


Vegetarian – Tomato & pesto base,
cheese, roast honey pumpkin, spinach,
boconncini $15.0


Seafood – Tomato base, cheese,
prawns and calamari sautéed in
garlic and parsley $17.0


Pepperoni – Tomato base, cheese,
pepperoni and onion $15.0


The Lot – Tomato base, pepperoni,
ham, bacon, capsicum, onion, olives,
mushroom, pineapple $17.0


Tropical – Tomato base, cheese, ham
and pineapple $15.0


The Australian– Tomato base, cheese,
bacon, onion, mushroom and egg $15.0


Meat Lovers – Barbeque & tomato base,
cheese, bacon, ham, chorizo, roast beef,
pepperoni, mushroom, onion, capsicum $17.0


Margarita – Tomato base, cheese, fresh
basil, fresh tomato and bocconcini $15.0


Alla Panna – Creamed corn & sour cream
base, cheese, porcini, smoked ham $17.0


Mexican – tomato base, cheese, guacamole,
fresh tomato, Spanish onion, chorizo,
corn chips $17.0




Diners card not accepted
2.5% surcharge for American Express