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Garlic Or Herb Bread $6.0
Pesto with parmesan bread $ 7.0
Pita bread: served warm with dips $12.0




BURGERS   All burgers served with gluten free steakhouse chips


Veggie burger
hummus, roast capsicum, zucchini, eggplant and grilled haloumi (*) $17.0


Cajun Chicken breast
fresh rocket, shaved parmesan, bacon, guacamole, Cajun aioli (*) $17.9


Fillet Steak
caramelised onion, tomato chutney, tomato, brie and salad (*) $17.9


Veal and Pork
tomato relish, pickles, onion, tomato, swiss cheese, caramelised beetroot, $17.9






Ricotta Balls
sundried tomato and olives, with spicy tomato relish and herb oil (v) $15.0


Garlic Prawns
Cream OR Napoli, rice with a garden salad (*) S: $16.9 L: $24.9


Chilli Prawns
Cream OR Napoli, rice with a garden salad (*) S: $16.9 L: $24.9


Beer Battered Fish
Chips and salad $18.9


Veal Schnitzel
kipfler chips and salad $24.0


Xinga Chicken
chicken breast, mild spicy ginger, garlic, lemon grass, chilli, coconut milk $24.0


Chicken Delisiosa
chicken breast, avocado, prawns, cream on cheddar polenta toast $26.0


Eye Fillet
stirfry mushrooms with a wild mushroom jus, caramelised beetroot, marinated rocket $30.0


Grilled Salmon
sweet chilli cous cous, lime and ginger beurre blanc (*) $28.0







Honey Balsamic
Chicken strips, rocket, bocconcini, fresh tomato, shaved parmesan $18.9


Thai Beef
Beef marinated in chilli, ginger & soy sauce topped with crisp onions $18.9


rocket, blistered cherry tomatoes, feta, Spanish onion, lemon mustard aioli $18.9


Haloumi Salad
with mesculin mix, roasted vegetables, sun dried tomato, balsamic dressing (v) $18.9






Penne Sicilian
basil, garlic, meatballs, ricotta, Napoli sauce (*) S: $16.9 L: $20.9


Fettuccine Prawns
king prawns, mushrooms, onions, garlic, brandy macchiato sauce (*) S: $17.9 L: $23.9


Fettuccine Cabonara
bacon, mushrooms and egg, cream sauce (optional chicken) (*) S: $15.9 L: $20.9


Vegetable Lasagne (v) $18.0







Tandoori $17.0
Tomato base, Spanish onion, roast capsicum, yoghurt, papadum


Vegetarian $15.0
Tomato & pesto base, cheese, roast honey pumpkin, spinach, boconncini


Seafood $17.0
Tomato base, cheese, prawns, calamari, roast capsicum, Spanish onion, garlic, parsley


Pepperoni $15.0
Tomato base, cheese, pepperoni and onion


The Lot $17.0
Tomato base, cheese, pepperoni and onion


Tropical $15.0
Tomato base, cheese, ham and pineapple


The Australian $15.0
Tomato base, cheese, bacon, onion, mushroom and egg


Meat Lovers $17.0
Barbeque & tomato base, cheese, bacon, ham, chorizo,


Roast Beef $17.0
pepperoni, mushroom, onion, capsicum


Margarita $15.0
Tomato base, cheese, fresh basil and bocconcini


Alla Panna $17.0
Creamed corn & sour cream base, cheese, porcini, smoked ham


Mexican $17.0
tomato base, cheese, guacamole, fresh tomato, Spanish onion, chorizo, corn chips







Chips with aioli $8.0


Wedges $8.0


Steamed Vegetables $8.0


Garden Salad $8.0



(v) Vegetarian option available
(*) Gluten free option available
Gluten free bread on any dish will be $2.50 extra


Diners card not accepted
2.5% surcharge for American Express